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Integriti is a full-service builder of premium residential homes in Sydney’s prestigious northern and eastern suburbs. Renowned for their timeless home designs and concierge-like service, they have a remarkable ability to become an extended part of your family, shepherding a project as if it was their own.



Integriti are not your usual builders. Their focus is on people and results. They have a deep understanding of the trade, but their unique difference lies in their ability to guide a team, manage a project and take you on the journey.

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Integriti works in collaboration with a curation of architecture, interior and landscape designers, each are trusted names in luxury residential. This approach allows for a match-making of sorts, where a design team is selected who will work in harmony with your style and pace. Managed by the Integriti team from end to end, each home is seamlessly envisioned, conceived, and brought to life, avoiding the roadblocks that can occur when engaging separate design and construction teams.

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Integriti approaches each build as the delivery of a dream, with attention to detail and a commitment to long-lasting quality. Time-honoured methods meet new wave technology to create a timeless residence that is comfortable, modern and intelligent. Beyond the build, Integriti are as focused on the journey as they are the outcome, with honest, open and timely communication a hallmark of their service offering.

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From a thorough and long-standing history in Sydney’s inner north and eastern suburbs, Integriti occasionally identifies and invests in local residential sites that offer exceptional lifestyle opportunities. These sites are developed with bespoke architectural homes, and are made available for sale to interested parties. To join the waitlist and be the first to receive information about upcoming residential developments by Integriti please contact us.

View Maison – Our latest offering in St Ives