Willoughby Project

Project Type: Laundry, 2 Bathrooms and living renovation

Time to complete project: 6 Weeks

If you love your home to feel peaceful and uncluttered then this immaculate yet simple design is your how to, we ensure that shape, texture, and contrast are used to finish. 

Shape - A circular, black framed mirror was the perfect addition to this otherwise geometrically dominated bathroom, by the careful composition of softer shapes with square vanities, tiles, and walls surrounding we create an element of interest and we develop a completely different overall feel. From sharp and edgy we now feel a balance of the organic and geometric shapes which makes us feel relaxed yet still modern, clean and simple.

Texture - The use of timber in the vanity was our vital organic touch to further the sense of calmness and wellbeing.

Contrast - Our striking black tapware was undoubtedly the first and last choice to finish this design, we've said it before - black is here to stay. In this particular design, the tapware was also complemented by the eye-catching anchor of the bathroom that is the gorgeous dark grey stone bath.