Hunters Hill Project

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Hunters Hill

Hunters Hill Project

Project type: Extension of existing ensuite

Time to complete: 6 weeks

Client Brief: Remove the existing wardrobe that provided little storage and use that extra space to extend and remodel the existing bathroom. After 20 years of living with a small cramped and unstylish bathroom, this client wanted some modern, fresh and clean for their California Bungalow. With this in mind we got to work in designing a stunning space that exceeded our clients expectation. Custom joinery was added to the space, a niche running the entire length of the bathroom and LED’s under counter and joinery added a nice soft touch to the space. We also specified a simple wall tile with the feature being the Dilorenzo’s beautiful Argento picket tile on the back feature wall. This bathroom was an absolute pleasure to design and even more incredible and fulfilling to build.

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